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Home-Start Norfolk Pamphlet


In 2018, I was contacted by Home-Start Norfolk to create an appeal pamphlet to help the charity get noticed by potential trusts and grant makers. I wanted to create a friendly, personable design that would immediately grab the attention of the reader. Therefore, I designed the cover around an image of a smiling mother and daughter, picking out the warm autumnal hues of orange and mulberry for the logo and banner. The photo highlights the work of the charity, putting the focus on 'family' and showing what a donation could achieve.

I incorporated the colour scheme throughout the pages, using brightly coloured shapes to break up any dense periods of text. I utilised soft shapes whenever possible, such as circles and wavy edges, to reinforce the personal nature of the charity; this is a sharp contrast to the harsh lines often seen in corporate documents. The wonky, hand-drawn boxes, almost child-like, are another reminder of the heart of the charity: helping young children.


Home-Start Norfolk were incredibly pleased with my final pamphlet, noting it "really helped us to to get noticed more with trusts and grant makers." They approached me once again in 2019 for help with a new appeal, titled 'Because Childhood Can't Wait'. The new design created new challenges. First, it included far more content and, faced with the same number of pages as before, I was forced to adapt my original design. To stop the pages from looking too full and overwhelming, I chose to use columns, helping to break up the text and create a focused, streamlined read.

Second, the appeal was not to feature the Home-Start brand, except for the logo on the back page. The charity hoped this would prevent funders from thinking they were part of the funding for Home-Start UK brand, when in fact they were not. Therefore, I swapped the oranges and pinks of the original appeal (Home-Start's brand colours) for deep purples and mustard yellows: similar, but ultimately unique, just like Home-Start Norfolk.

I utilised foundation shapes and illustrations from the Home-Start brand, such as a paper plane and flower stem, to add personal touches to the document. I also chose pictures with the subject looking directly into the camera, and therefore at the person reading the document, making them feel more involved in their stories and the charity.

Once again, the charity were deeply impressed with the final design, and have since commissioned me for further work.

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