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Norfolk County Council Leaflet Redesign


In 2016, whilst researching apprenticeships in Norwich, I came across an information guide by Norfolk County Council.  The design was crudely put together and, as a result, looked thoroughly unprofessional. I decided to redesign the guide and provided it to the council as an example of my work.

The first thing I did was to break down the guide into easily digestible sections. The original document featured large blocks of endless text, a design that made it difficult to locate key information, while also overwhelming the person trying to read it. Instead, I opted for a more accessible design with short paragraphs and bullet points. I also utilised pull quotes and coloured boxes to highlight any information that I felt was important.

The original document was also devoid of colour and imagery, which I felt was a massive mistake. By incorporating images of happy, smiling young people in a work environment, I was reinforcing the practical, learn-while-you-earn element of apprenticeships. I was also suggesting the the experience would be fun and positive.

I incorporated the Norfolk County Council brand colour throughout the design: a constant reminder of who was behind the programme. The bright, light green also felt very youthful and positive, connoting growth and new beginnings.

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