Junior Graphic Designer


During my time as Junior Graphic Designer at Visualise Creative, I designed a number of bespoke websites for clients.


Glambox is a professional lashes, tanning, and beauty salon based in Norwich.

The owner, Charlotte, wanted a complete redesign of the Glambox website. Its hot pink design no longer reflected the identity of the business, which had recently moved premises and now featured copper and rose gold interior highlights.


With a focus on creating a sophisticated and modern design, I opted for a minimalist layout. I utilised a checker board layout to highlight the key services provided by Glambox: lashes, tanning and beauty. When visitors hover over the images, a link will appear so they can find out more information. A banner at the top of the page encourages clients to book an appointment and view the full list of treatments, while a scrolling banner of reviews reinforce Glambox to be a popular and professional salon.

I utilised the copper and rose gold colour scheme throughout the website, placing them alongside a cool charcoal grey for an effective contrast. For the text, I paired a block, sans serif font with a scripted typeface. This allowed us to keep with Charlotte’s modern, sophisticated vision, while also referencing the script-like typeface in the logo.

wild thyme.png

Wild Thyme is a unique café set in the heart of Norwich, offering the best in homemade vegetarian and vegan food.


Wild Thyme had undergone a major restaurant refurbishment after a fire in a neighbouring building. To correspond with their grand reopening, they wanted to update their website into a slick, minimalist design to reflect their new image.

I decided to create an endless scroll, one-page website. It would contain the different menus offered by Wild Thyme: breakfast, starters & light bites, lunch, sides, breads, homemade desserts and drinks. The links in the navigation bar smoothly scroll down the page to the relevant menu, while an arrow in the bottom right hand corner lets you easily navigate back to the top. Now the customer can skim through the menu like they would a physical copy.


Large photos of the food and restaurant adorn the front of the website. These mouthwatering photographs (taken by a professional photographer) scroll across top of the page. They immediately establish that Wild Thyme offer delicious, homemade, and freshly prepared food. It also encourages potential customers to check out the menus.

forever bella.png

Forever Bella is a beauty and cosmetics salon based in Norwich.

Lisa May (the owner of Forever Bella) wanted a brand new website for her expanding business. Her original website was very cluttered and confusing to navigate; so much so, many clients chose to use the Forever Bella Facebook page instead. Therefore, she wanted us to create a slick, professional website which clearly promotes her services and prices. 

First, I set about creating an eye-catching homepage. The only branding I had to go on was the Forever Bella Facebook icon. Its font choice was very bold and modern, so I created a design which reflected this. The homepage is split into a chunky grid, with each box promoting a different service. I used contrasting fonts for the titles — one scripted, one bold — to create an eye-catching design. I also added pictures of models as a visual aid for what the service offers.

Much like the bold design, the colour choice is loud and fun. I used shades of bright pink to create a fun, stereotypical 'girly' vibe that stands out while also complimenting the jet black font. My aim was to immediately catch the eye of the customer and encourage them to explore the treatments that Forever Bella offer. Each treatment page includes details about the service, as well as clearly labelled pricing. I also included a banner at the foot of each page to encourage clients to book an appointment.

Lisa May was thrilled with the final design. "You did an amazing job with my website, it looks fab! You were super efficient, from start to finish, and did 99% of the work. I just had to do some tweaking! Perfect. So pleased I chose you to do the job."

birchwood energy.png

Birchwood Energy are independent energy consultants, providing energy contract management expertise in Norwich.

I wanted to incorporate the Birchwood leaves throughout the website. Therefore, I incorporated it into the background design, as well as the rollover animation in the header: if you hover over the ‘case studies’ text, the leaves move apart to reveal the button.

The design of the website is minimalist and slick. I wanted to create an uncluttered, clean design which was easy for the customers to navigate. Therefore, I used lots of large pictures and bold text, while also utilising lots of pull quotes — such as “lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency” — to reinforce the key beliefs and principles of the business. The green and white colour scheme is minimalist and fresh, while the green also creates connotations of wealth and energy.

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