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Eat & Breathe and Glambox


In my previous role as Junior Graphic Designer, I designed gift vouchers for two local businesses. The first, Eat & Breathe, is run by Anne Heigham, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga teacher based in Norwich. She wanted a gift voucher for her workshops, Ayurvedic cooking lessons and yoga sessions. Ayurveda is known as the “the science of life”, so I chose to incorporate green (the colour of life) throughout the design. I had green, leafy branches stretch across the voucher, complimented by a deep green font in simple sans serif.

The second was Glambox, a beauty salon offering a wide range of treatments, and therefore required a gift voucher to offer their customers. I utilised the rose gold and charcoal colour scheme of their website, opting for a plush ribbon to adorn the front of the voucher. The logo for Glambox was embossed for a luxurious feel. For the back, I went minimalist. A scripted typeface reads 'Just For You', representing the personal touch of a gift voucher. A simple bar at the bottom features the logo and information about the salon, with the rest of the voucher space for information about the treatment.

eat & breathe voucher 2.png
glambox voucher 2.png
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