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Information Leaflets for Ghost Hill Infant School


In 2019, I was commissioned by a local infant school, Ghost Hill Infant & Nursery School, to create a series of information leaflets. They were to educate parents on how to prepare their child for both their first year at school and nursery.


My focus for these designs was to highlight the warm and friendly atmosphere of the school. I didn't want the leaflets to be intimidating, especially for parents who may feel overwhelmed with the process: I wanted everything about these leaflets to be positive. Therefore, I based each leaflet around bright, bold primary colours, incorporating images of happy and diverse children to show the school as an inclusive and welcoming space.


It was also important that the leaflet was accessible for all parents, regardless of background. To achieve this, I utilised clear bullet points (ticks, once again to reinforce positivity) and colourful headings to create a clearly structured design.

"These leaflets clearly reflect our school's ethos and values. Our parents found them supportive and accessible, with many commenting on the happy children in the photos." Catherine Field, Deputy Head of Ghost Hill Infant School

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