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Morton Reeves


As Junior Graphic Designer at Visualise Creative, I designed a brochure for local estate agents, Morton Reeves. For the cover, I chose a picture of the River Wensum in Norwich, establishing Morton Reeves as local estate agents. I added the tagline, 'looking out for you', in handwritten script, representing their personal touch as an independent business.

I opted for a square brochure so it would stand out from the more traditional A4 design. I decided to have the images on the right page extend over the fold, constructing a grid layout with photos and pull quotes. Each double-page spread utilised one of two colours from the Morton Reeves brand: pink and blue. I wanted each spread to stand out from the next, so swapping between each block colour was an effective way to do this. 


To reinforce the 'looking out for you' ethos of the company, each page features a quote box with a positive testimonial. Each review is relevant to the services offered on the page: for example, their virtual walk-throughs or aerial photography.

square brochure 2.png
square brochure 3.png
square brochure 4.png

Once again, to reinforce that Morton Reeves are a personal, independent business, I incorporated pull quotes in a scripted typeface. This makes it seem like they have left a handwritten note for the reader, talking directly to them. When it came to showcasing data, I incorporated info graphics to highlight their success compared to other estate agents. Seeing data visually rather than written down makes it easier to digest, and also makes the numbers seem more impressive.

For the final page, I included an image of Leigh Reeves, the director of Morton Reeves, to once again create a personal link with the reader, reinforcing that they are independent estate agents, not a faceless company.

square brochure 5.png
square brochure 6.png
square brochure 7.png
square brochure 8.png
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