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Supporting Children in the EYFS


After my work on the presentation about the new EYFS curriculum, I was commissioned to create another about supporting children in the EYFS (early years foundation stage). The presentation was to outline the importance of play in the curriculum, discuss deep level learning, and encourage teachers to think about the activities they offer their pupils.

Much like before, I was provided with the written content for the presentation. I split the text into different slides for each new discussion point to ensure that the speaker and audience were never overwhelmed with too much information at once. This also makes it easy for the attendees to make notes.

I chose a green colour scheme that was light and bright. I also chose bright and cheery photos of children: a visual reminder that they are at the heart of the EYFS and the focus of this presentation. I made sure they were also doing some kind of physical activity, whether it be running, building or jumping, to reinforce the idea of introducing play into learning.

The presentation was very well recieved, and has now been shared around multiple schools as a learning tool for teachers.

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