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The New EYFS Curriculum


In May 2021, I was comissioned to make a PowerPoint presentation about the new EYFS curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage) that was to be presented to nine schools for nursery/reception teachers. The presentation was to highlight the differences between the old and new curriculum, introducing new areas and outcomes, such as experiences not available at home, exploring the diversity of world and focusing on language and articulation.


I had free reign over the design of the presentation - the only requirement was that it looked professional and slick, which I feel I clearly achieved. I wanted the presentation to be an aid to the speaker and not overwhelm them. Therefore, I made sure it was clearly laid out, with short paragraphs organised into bullet points to highlight the different areas and outcomes.


I organised each new category into individual slides so there was never too much information at once, and highlighted key language and headings in different colours for emphasis. I also added an animated timeline of the presentation at the bottom of each slide with icons to represent each new section; this helps the attendees know where the presentation is going, while also creating a sense of movement so it doesn't feel as though the presentation is dragging!


The text content was already provided, however I did chose the photos. I made sure they were bright, colourful and friendly, and made sure the children pictured were doing activities as a reminder to the "experiences" introduced the new curriculum.

The presentation was a huge success, and has now been shared and sent to other school for staff meetings and staff CPT (continual professional development). Inf act, on the back of this presentation, I was then comissioned to make another about supporting children in the EYFS. Click here to find out more!

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