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Information Leaflet


In April 2021, I was commissioned by Edge Consult - specialists in construction and engineering dispute resolution - to create a leaflet that promoted their services. The brief was to make it look as professional as possible, incorporating the green and black company colours, and to clearly convey their wide range of services to potential clients.

I used lots of sharp, straight lines in the design, mirroring the construction photos that I incorporated throughout the leaflet. These strong shapes are slick and clean, highlighting that Edge Consult are very professional and precise in their work. The towering photos of buildings and cranes also suggest that the company are 'on top of their game', which I reiterated by having an image of a crane burst out of its frame and into one of the text boxes.

Edge Consult were extremely impressed with my work. They were particularly pleased with my efficiency, as I created the leaflet in just two days in order for them to send to a potential client. Click here to read their testimonial.


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