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Kokoro Skin + Body Clinic


Whilst a Junior Graphic Designer, I designed personalised business cards for Nyree Grieve and Rob Cox, owners of the Kokoro Skin & Body Clinic. Kokoro offer a wide range of treatments for the mind, body and soul. With Nyree focused on beauty treatments and Rob offering massage and tension relief, they wanted business cards that shared the Kokoro brand identity while promoting their own treatments.


For Nyree, I utilised the warm orange of the main Kokoro brand. I kept the front clean and minimalist, simply baring the logo and Nyree's name. For the back, I highlighted the garden space where Nyree does her treatment, a unique selling point for the business. I incorporated a hand drawn tree branch illustration, as well as a bullet point list of her treatments. I contrasted the serif font with a looped, handwritten font to highlight the word 'luxurious', reinforcing the personal touch of the business.

For Rob, I opted for a cool, aqua blue. A colour often considered beneficial to the mind and body, it reinforces Rob's massage and sports therapy treatments, as well as his professionality. I also used an illustration of a muscular man, suggesting that Rob's treatments will help you become fit and physical again.

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